Journal Entry Settings

The Journal Settings Screen allows you to specify and manage the specifics of your journal.

This screen is a lot simpler than the one for other project types.
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  • The Done button will close this screen and save any changes you have made.
  • The Cancel button will close this screen and discard any change you made since the screen was opened.
  • Start Date and End Date are the dates you began typing and finished the element. NOTE: The End Date is visible when you mark the element as done.
  • Title is the name or title of this element. In journals this is a the date and time the element was created. You cannot change the element title in a journal.
  • Words / Pages / Time toggle. This allows you to specify how you wish to track the writing progress of this element.
  • Count is a field where you can specify the target as measured by the Words / Pages/ Time toggle.
  • Nudge Penalty is the accrued penalty this element has earned. Read more about Nudge Mode.
  • Actual counts indicate your current progress.
  • A color-coded progress bar is displayed below the actual counts. This displays your progress to your goal.
  • Summary is a free-form text entry area where you can enter a summary of the chosen element.