Flip Pickers

Auteureist™ uses Flip Pickers and Date Flip Pickers.

Flip pickers are a way to select an item from a list of choices, and saves space over the standard iOS pickers.

This is how a typical flip picker appears:
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The currently selected option is displayed in the center (in this example "Daily").

To choose another option you can do one of the following:
  • Tap on the left arrow to move forward one option (like paging forward in a book, you move the page from right to left).
  • Tap on the right arrow to move back one option (like paging backward in a book, you move the page from left to right).
  • You can swipe the flip picker in either direction to move quickly over the options.
  • You can hold your finger on the label to bring up a standard iOS picker:
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Selecting an item from the popup picker will update the flip picker and dismiss the popup.