Importing Into Auteureist™

Auteureist™ can import various formats.
  • txt
  • mmd
  • rtf
  • fdx (FinalDraft™)
  • opml
  • scrivx (Scrivener™ project)
To import, you can email your writing to your device, or use a Dropbox account to get your writing to the device.

Once on the device, you can use the Mail or Dropbox's "Open In" capability to open the document you want to import into Auteureist™.

Open Auteureist™ and you should get the following Import Screen.
Stacks Image 5496
  • The Title field will default to the name of the file you are trying to import.
  • The Type picker allows you to select the Project Type to import into. The import will create a new project of the selected type.
  • The Keywords field allows you to specify a list of keywords separated by commas.
  • The Start Date and End Date pickers allows you to specify when the project you are importing was started and completed. This will default to the current date.
  • The Overwrite switch lets you specify whether the imported document should create a new project, or replace (overwrite) an existing project with the same name.