Default Journal

In addition to having any number of journals, Auteureist™ allows your to designate one of these as the Default Journal. The default journal shows up as the last entry on the main menu and allows you to work with your default journal easily while in the middle of another project.

This keeps you from having to switch to the journal, and then back to your project.
In addition to being able to easily post to your default journal, it is the journal where social media is tracked. That is, anytime you post to Twitter, check in on Foursquare, an entry is added to your default journal with the specifics of the check in.

This information can be viewed from the journal's calendar view.
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The New Entry menu item allows you to enter a journal entry without switching from the current project.
The Calendar item allows you to see a calendar view of all of your writing sessions and social interactions.
The Life item allows you to journal your emotional, weather, and mood in a graphical form.