Element Settings Screen

The Element Settings Screen allows you to specify and manage the specifics of your current element.
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  • The Done button will close this screen and save any changes you have made.
  • The Cancel button will close this screen and discard any change you made since the screen was opened.
  • The Create As Specific Type button allows you to specify the type of element you wish to create. Selecting one of the types updates the Type label above the element. Tapping this button brings up the following options:

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  • Start Date and End Date are the dates you began typing and finished the element. NOTE: The End Date is visible when you mark the element as done.
  • Title is the name or title of this element.
  • Words / Pages / Time toggle. This allows you to specify how you wish to track the writing progress of this element.
  • Count is a field where you can specify the target as measured by the Words / Pages/ Time toggle.
  • Nudge Penalty is the accrued penalty this element has earned. Read more about Nudge Mode.
  • Actual counts indicate your current progress.
  • A color-coded progress bar is displayed below the actual counts. This displays your progress to your goal.
  • Summary is a free-form text entry area where you can enter a summary of the chosen element.
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  • Timeline Start and Timeline End allows you to specify the internal timeline of the story portion of the chosen element. That is, the story timeline from the point of view of the characters.
  • Setting is a free-form field where you can specify the setting of the element.