Location Editor

The Location Editor screen allows you to create and manage location information related to a project or element.
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From top to bottom, left to right, the items are:

  • The Done button will close this screen and save any changes you have made.
  • The Cancel button will close this screen and discard any change you made since the screen was opened.
  • Previous / Next buttons - allow you to move between locations.

There is one section in the Location Editor labeled General.

  • Kind: A toggle that lets you switch between marking this location as either a Location / Setting.
  • Common Name - the name that will be used when inserting this item into the text of your project.
  • Name - a more descriptive name for your location or setting.
  • Description - a description of this location or setting.
  • Notes - free form notes about this item.
  • Choose Photo / Photo button - tapping this button will bring up the Photo Picker or camera. The photo will replace the label on the button. This photo will also appear in the toolbar location popup menus.
  • Map View - a map showing your current location. This can be scrolled and zoomed. A pin will be dropped onto the center of the map. The refresh button will reset the map to your current location. NOTE: Location services need to be enabled.
  • Drop Pin button - will drop a location pin in the center of the current map view. Selecting the pin will display the name and latitude longitude of the location.
  • Location label: name of the mapped location.