Text Color Selection Screen

This screen allows you to specify the default text and text background colors that are used while writing.
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  • The current selected sample bar at the bottom of the screen shows you an example of how your text color choices will appear on the main editing screen.

  • The Background / Text picker determines whether your color choice will be applied to the text, or the text background.

  • The Color picker allows you to select the major color from a spectrum.

  • The Gradient picker switches colors based on the selection from the Color Picker. The currently selected color on the Gradient picker can be moved to select a color from the gradient. This is the color that is applied to the sample and your text.

  • The Black / White picker can be used to select pure black or white.

  • The Original Selection / New Selection shows you an example of the original color before you made any changes, and the currently selected color from the Gradient Picker.

  • The Night Mode switch quickly selects white text on a black background. Setting this switch to off will allow you to select individual text and background colors.