Restore Menu

This menu allows you to restore your writing database, replacing everything from the backup copy.

Note: If you want to backup a single project, you should use one of the Export options instead.

Note: If you want to restore a single project, you should use one of the Import options instead.
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The Restore Locally item will restore your writing database on you iOS device itself. This option is good if you want a quick restore of all your work. The menu item will indicate the date of the backup copy, if any.

WARNING: Deleting the app will delete all of your writing and this backup copy.
The Restore From Dropbox item will read the backup copy of your writing database from your Dropbox account. The app will ask for your permission and Dropbox account information before you can use this option. The backup copy will replace your entire writing database on the device itself.

NOTE: Auteureist™ will stores information in a folder / directory in Dropbox called Auteureist™

  • The Restore From iCloud Drive will restore your entire database to your iCloud Drive. This option will bring up a standard iOS Document Picker which will allow you to select a backup database. The backup database is named Auteureist.sqlite (and may include a number, e.g.: Auteureist.sqlite-1)

NOTE: This option requires an iCloud account.
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