Backup Menu

This menu allows you to backup your writing database.

Note: If you want to backup a single project, you should use one of the Export options instead.
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  • The Backup Locally item will backup your writing database on you iOS device itself. This option is good if you want a quick backup of all your work.

WARNING: Deleting the app will delete all of your writing and this backup copy.
  • The Backup To Dropbox item will create a backup copy of your writing database to your Dropbox account. The app will ask for your permission and Dropbox account information before you can use this option.

NOTE: Auteureist™ will create a folder / directory in Dropbox called Auteureist™ where all information is stored.

  • The Backup To iCloud Drive will backup your entire database to your iCloud Drive. This option will bring up a standard iOS Document Picker which will allow you to select a location.

NOTE: This option requires an iCloud account.
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