Auteureist™ Quick Start

Auteureist™ can be a bit overwhelming at first. This page is meant to get you writing your first project.
First, some basic definitions:

  • Project: A novel, script, poem, etc. that you create.
  • Element: In a novel, an element is a chapter, in a script it is a scene, etc.
Launch Auteureist™ on your iPhone. The first screen you will see is the main Writing Screen.
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The main area is where you write. Just tap to bring up the keyboard.
At the top of the screen are the main controls.

  • Menu button - brings up the main menu
  • Progress bar - tracks your progress. The color of the bar indicates a percentage to your target, which can be set at the Element level. This progress bar is only visible if you have set a target word or page count for this element (chapter, scene, etc.)
  • Lock button - This button is displayed when an element or project is marked as done. This button is not displayed when the Element you are working on is considered In Progress.
  • Accessory tool bars - give you easy access to various functions.
Those are the basics.

There is more to learn and discover. Browse the documentation here to learn more. Also, each screen has a help button (the "?") which will bring you to the information relevant to the screen.

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